Acai Bowl

November 14, 2016


If I asked you to name 5 things right now that you are thankful for without much thought, could you do it? It’s possible that we get so caught up in life, the busyness of every day and forget to stop and think, “what am I thankful for?”, “what makes my life great?”. I try my best to make a point in every single day, no matter the way I’m feeling, to express my gratefulness; even if it’s something as simple as the fact that Tootsie (my dog) brings me a toy every time I come home. It’s important to be thankful.


Yesterday, we hosted a Friendsgiving. As I sat back and watched my friends mingle and get to know each other, I was reminded of how precious relationships are. When Wiley and I moved to Nashville, we didn’t know anyone. Not one person that we could hang out with. We just had each other. We spent the first couple of years doing what I like to call “friend dating”. We would go out to dinner with couples or have them over for dinner and depending on how we connected depended on if we had a second date or not. It took us years to curate a good friend group. Some friends have come and gone but we are at the age now that our relationships are very important to us. It’s a luxury to have great friends and people who support you. So, for that, I am thankful.


You know what also makes me really happy? When people enjoy eating really healthy food! That was also the case over the weekend. My friends have a phrase that they use to decide if a particular food is “healthy” or not and they will say “is this A Happy Healthy Heart approved?” I love it! We’ve decided that we should make a stamp that says “A Happy Healthy Heart approved” and I will just go around stamping food (insert excited face)!


Anyway, if you are in need of a healthy afternoon snack and have five minutes, this acai bowl is just for you. It is full of nutrition and happiness! Keep in mind that it is easy to overload smoothie bowls with sugar so be sure to have a good balance of healthy fats, antioxidants, and superfoods, this makes for the best snack.

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