Baby Boy Clothes

March 2, 2020

I’m almost two years into buying precious boy clothes (I started the moment I found out I was having this baby boy in June 2018) so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite brands to share. I never thought that I would enjoy shopping for a boy as much as I do but if you look in the right places, there sure are some cute things. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on baby clothes because they are bound to get messy and collect stains and they wear them for such a short amount of time that it’s just not worth it to me. My mom and I have made a fun hobby out of hunting for baby clothes. Consignment sales and stores are our go-to, to find most of these brands at very reasonable prices.

I do buy things new, in-store a lot too, especially if I’m looking for something specific. I will say that when babies are brand new, I don’t think they need a lot of clothes, especially in the warmer months. Onesies, little soft pants and the occasional sweater does the trick for tiny little ones. I always think about how much the baby is handled when they are so small and clothes that ride up or bunch up just aren’t as cute and cozy for them at that age. But when they become more independent, that’s when the wardrobing gets exciting!

So here it is, my list of where to buy the best clothes for boys! I’ll start with pretty, dressy, classic clothes. The outfit he is wearing here is by Little English. I love just about everything they make, the fit is great, styles and colors are always age appropriate and oh, so cute! I am a big fan of bubble suits in the warmer months and this one is a winner. (It’s a little bit long on him here because I got a size big but the straps can be taken in to help with that.) My other favorites are: Feltman Brothers (traditional, classic, beautiful textures and materials), Cecil and Lou (affordable, classic, fun, and pretty), Kissy Kissy (amazing materials, cute prints, classic), Bella Bliss (pretty bubble suits, fun colors and prints, classic).

Most of the brands that I listed above, we don’t wear on a daily basis and for play time. They are too pretty to get messed up so here is my list for basics. Janie and Jack is probably my favorite. The clothes are ADORABLE and I can find great things on sale. I head straight to the back of the store and pick sale pieces every time I visit. Ralph Lauren is also great for pieces like sweaters, accessories and onesies/ pajamas. My husband is the biggest Ralph Lauren fan so this is where he shops for baby. We also love Carters, Gap (great for separates and things with no logos or prints), and Oshkosh. These three stores aren’t the ones where you walk in and want to buy everything there but do offer some great things for playing at really reasonable prices.

I think that about covers it for my go-to shopping brands at this age. I’m a big fan of babies dressing like babies for as long as they can and I’ve been able to fill his closet with precious clothes from all of these places. If you have any questions about any of my recommendations, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m happy to share my opinions. Happy shopping!


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