Bathroom Renovation

March 10, 2020

You may be well aware by now that Wiley and I have spent the better part of the past two years renovating our house from top to bottom, inside out. Since we’ve done all the work ourselves, it’s taken some time (not to mention all of the life that has happened during those years) but we are just about ready to call it DONE.


The last project we finished was the bathroom. We started a few days into December and were finished by the first of January. Since renovations always come with more work than you are aware of in the beginning, I think our timing was pretty good! Once the old tile was pulled up, we found water damage (it’s a bathroom, it’s likely going to be the case) so the subfloor was removed and across boards above dirt for a few days. Wiley worked hard to make it a quick process because living with out a functioning bathroom is less than ideal.

I did my part of picking out details: flooring, wallpaper, hardware, fixtures and my favorite part- the bathtub. It’s a small space so I couldn’t do much hands-on help for this project. Wiley James surely made himself useful though J.

Most days when Wiley was finished working he would put the toilet back in it’s place for nighttime conveniences (this is the only bathroom in the house). At the time, I was 4 ½ months pregnant and going any stretch of time without a potty is not doable! All of the plumbing and electric work had to be replaced. The house was built in the 60s and things just get old, and some things are done differently these days so updates are always good when you take a room down to the studs.

After everything was torn out and fixed, it was time to replace it all with pretty things. First thing was the floor. After a tedious few days of leveling, the tile was installed and grouted. Next was the wallpaper. It was Wiley’s first time installing wallpaper so it took a little bit of learning but like he usually does, he quickly got the hang of it.

The next couple of days were spent putting in the new toilet, sink (and plumbing) and bathtub. It’s surely not as easy as it sounds but thankfully didn’t take too much time and didn’t involve too many hiccups.

So here it is! Our cozy little bathroom all fixed up and pretty. I’m really pleased with the way it’s turned out and have had fun picking out small little details to make it complete. We have been fortunate to partner with Weezie towels who makes these beautiful, organic cotton towels that compliment the room perfectly. They are softer than soft and definitely add some luxury to the space.

I’m grateful for this experience. As always, we’ve learned things along the way and in the end, have been able to see our vision come to life- which is the most rewarding thing!

These towels really are so lovely! They feel like a dream. Click on these links to find the hand towel, and bath towel. 

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