Carrot Ribbon Salad

August 9, 2017

For the past three years we have lived in a sweet little cottage-style house that has been the home of some of our fondest memories, and happiest moments. This week, we got word that we will be closing on a new house next Wednesday and we are just so excited! While this new house isn’t our dream home and needs lots of work, it is a house that will be ours and we plan to make beautiful and will fill it with all kinds of stories. We have rented the house that we live in now and are thrilled to be able to have something of our own. The new house is a fixer-upper and will need lots of TLC but we couldn’t be more happy to do that. Wiley has been busy sketching up our grand ideas and putting our thoughts onto paper. We plan on doing most of the work ourselves (pray for me) but I think we will learn a lot and will be so proud when it is finished.

Being the sentimental person that I am, I’m nearly in tears while I write this as the close of so many good times in our current house is coming so soon. I have loved living and learning in this space. I could go on and on about the things we have achieved while living here, the memories we’ve made and the moments of sadness that snuck in, occasionally.

As I go through each room in my head, I think about how that room meant nothing to us when we first walked in but now, it holds so much.

I look out my window and see the backyard with the large maple tree in the center that has been the central spot for so many wonderful gatherings and conversations. Friends and family have come and gone through the doors and if the walls could talk, I think they would say “this has been a really special time.”

I was feeling excited while cooking in the kitchen yesterday but, ironically, this has been my least favorite room of the house. It’s small and not exciting and while I was cooking I was envisioning the kitchen that I get to create in the new house. It will be full of light and will welcome so many good recipes that will be shared with people I love. When you take pictures of food, it’s so important to have the right space with the right light to do that in and since I started taking pictures of food, I’ve had to work hard to create that. When I first started photographing, I took all of my food pictures on the trunk of my car because it’s white and the outside light was bright. I didn’t do much styling but simply took the prepared recipe outside with a kitchen towel and started snapping pictures. At the time, I thought they were really good. Now, I look back just as I probably will in a few years and think “girl, you sure had some learning to do”. But that’s what life’s about, right?!

Now I’m sharing this beautiful carrot salad recipe with you, not only because it looks pretty when photographed but because I have learned that the love for food has no limits and no matter where or how the recipe is captured, it will (hopefully) reach all kinds of people in different ways. So, I hope you’ll make it, take it to a friend’s house and share it or have a quiet dinner at home making memories that involve dishes like this. It’s simple but delicious and I hope you love it.

P.S. Stay in touch to know what’s going on with the progress of the house. I can’t wait to share pictures!

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    Just love you and our journey!!! See you soon my love!!

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