Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles

December 9, 2015

I like snacks. I don’t eat large amounts so I eat pretty often throughout the day. I love fruit but sometimes berries, oranges, and apples just don’t cut it. You know what I’m saying, there are days when you hit that afternoon slump and all you want to eat is a bag of tortilla chips. That’s me!


Thankfully, there are other plant food options that are just as satisfying and aren’t nearly as damaging as junk food can be. If I had to choose, I would say my go-to snacks are popcorn, carrots and hummus, and oranges. It’s so easy to go to the grocery store and walk down the isle and think that you have to pick up a box of crackers or a bag of something to meet your snacking needs. WRONG! It’s just as easy to pack real food that will nourish your body. Most of the time, those crackers, cookies, and chips that you buy are loaded with chemicals, fake food, and carcinogens! Yep, those little evil things that causes cancer. My point is, don’t eat it, it’s not worth it. But what is worth it is to make a big ole batch of these truffles, store some for the week and snack whenever your heart desires.

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