Coffee and Coconuts

July 27, 2017

Do you ever have those moments when you just want to take a day off and get away? Well, recently this was the case for Wiley and me! So, we decided to spend the afternoon in the quaint little town just south of Nashville called It’s only about 20 minutes outside of the city but we made a day out of it so we could feel like we’d had a little escape. We spent our time exploring places we had never been, window shopping, eating and then finished our day with a movie at the downtown theatre.

Our favorite stop was the beautiful, coastal-inspired café and coffee shop, Coffee and Coconuts. Ever since moving to Tennessee we’ve felt a little land-locked and have missed the beach like crazy. From the moment we walked into the cafe we were taken back to the coast and loved every second of it. The menu wasn’t overwhelming and was just big enough for an afternoon pick-me-up. We ordered their avocado toast and followed it with the acai bowl for a treat and thought they were both great! I can’t say much about the coffee because I don’t drink it, but Wiley gave their coffee-soda a go and said it was great!

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner and was thrilled to know that she shared the same love for the coast as me. Every detail of the café is perfectly thought out from the design and décor to the books on the tables. All four walls of the ladies room are covered up in  pink flamingo- print wall paper and that was the icing on top, for me!

Because Wiley and I had such a great experience, we can’t wait to go back! We are always on the hunt for a great spot to go hang out and this one definitely made the top of our list. If you are looking for a delicious coffee shop with a beautiful, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere this is your spot!

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