Dear Thirty

November 2, 2017

There’s a great sense of meaning in life when one chapter closes and another begins. Sometimes chapters last for weeks and some last for many, many years. Today, I’m welcoming a new chapter, a new phase and a new season. I’m saying goodbye to my twenties and hello to thirty. A lot of thoughts have crossed my mind over the past year as this day was approaching but now that I’m here, I’m ready. I’ve learned, grown, changed, succeed, failed, loved and rejoiced in and from so many things over the past ten years but I couldn’t be more thrilled to be meeting thirty.

A great deal of life happens over the course of ten years. Ten years ago I was in college, crazy in love with my boyfriend (now husband), lived in a house that I (with the help of my mom) bought, and went to the beach anytime I wanted. Years passed in what seemed like fast forward and then I married that boyfriend on a plantation on the coast, moved 600 miles away from home into a one- bedroom apartment, was a nanny for twins, helped my husband follow his dream, made precious friends, was an independent personal trainer, fell in love with cooking and nutrition, decided we were ready to start a family, began trying to start a family, moved into our first house with a backyard, got two chickens, started a blog, turned that blog into my job, bought a fixer-upper, said goodbye to my sweet baby Tootsie and learned that as much as I want to, I have very little control over any of this. Whew! Throughout it all, even in the hardest times, the feeling that has stood out the most has been joy. Overwhelming joy.

Each day, I have woken up and thought to myself, ‘no matter what, this life is good and I am thankful.’ This has helped me through things I didn’t know were possible to get through and has shown me that no matter what decade I live in, I will be growing, changing and learning.

As I’ve approached thirty, I’ve been doing a lot of self- discovery and reflection. I feel more confident in my own skin than I ever have and I’m beginning to learn that when I feel that way, my relationships are better, my faith is better, my love is better and my joy is better. I’m in the process of becoming a recovering people pleaser. I’ve always been the girl who wanted everyone to like her. I hate confrontation and will go out of my way to ensure that I befriend people because I absolutely love loving. But here I am, learning that not everyone HAS to like me, I don’t HAVE to make everyone happy and I CAN’T please everyone. The more I learn about this, the better I feel and the more confident I am.

I will always love developing new relationships and making others happy, but now that I’m here looking at thirty I feel really, really good just being me. The woman God shaped and molded me to be is happy, strong, faithful and excited; and I hope that I go out into the world each day and share that.

Dear thirty,

I’m so excited for you, but you have a lot to live up to. When I met twenty, I never imagined that I would become the woman I am. And because I experienced those years, I feel equipped to take you on. I’m not afraid of you and welcome you with open arms. I’m hopeful for you and know that my time with you is going to be nothing short of wonderful. Let’s do this!


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  • Reply Linda Boettger November 3, 2017 at 10:50 AM

    Melissa, you’ve grown into a beautiful young woman. I think each decade gets better for different reasons. I pray that you will know the joys of motherhood. You’re a wonderful writer. I’m always touched by your blogs.
    Bless you and your husband in your future. May you have many happy surprises!

    • Reply melissahaithcock November 6, 2017 at 9:17 AM

      Thank you so much Ms Linda! I really appreciate you saying that and for reading!

  • Reply Kristin November 3, 2017 at 10:29 PM

    You’re so pretty and kind and sweet, and I just love you (and these photos)! Happy birthday, sweet Melissa!

    • Reply melissahaithcock November 6, 2017 at 9:15 AM

      You made my day! Thank you so much Kristin 🙂

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