Fire Roasted Salsa

September 7, 2016

Is it just me or does everyone else feel like their week is a bit thrown off from Monday being a holiday? The good news is we have a four- day work week! I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day and found time to squeeze in something that makes your heart happy. Wiley and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary this past Sunday. It really is crazy how time goes by so quickly, it seems like yesterday I was 22 years old with only one care in the world: I couldn’t wait to marry the boy I had always dreamed about. I had just finished college and was so ready to start my life with him. There hasn’t been a day that has passed since then that I would have wished away and I am and forever will be, so grateful for my husband.


Every year to celebrate our anniversary, we go on a weekend vacation. This year we had planned to go to Chicago but for a series of reasons decided to save that trip for another time. We ended up going to the Smoky Mountains with a group of friends and had a weekend of mental detox. It was lovely. We cooked at the cabin, went hiking on local trails, and had some really great conversations. Wiley and I really cherish the special people in our lives so it was fun to share our anniversary with them.


We didn’t go out to eat at all while we were there, which if you’ve ever been to that area you know that there are very few options to eat, especially if you care about your health. I packed all kinds of produce and snacks, including this salsa and it was a huge hit! It has so much flavor and is simple to make, my mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. If you get a chance to try the recipe, leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Happy Wednesday y’all!


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