Green Protein Smoothie Bowl

April 20, 2016
58d12e_f5dc99dbb38d4529ba2efa4409c53863Today has been a good day.  I mean, have you walked outside recently? It is absolutely glorious (maybe not if you live up north) and I seriously can’t get enough! I’ve never been able to pick a favorite season because I love them all for certain reasons but right now, spring is my favorite! The clothes are better, the air is better, the days are better… lets face it, life is better. I know you could tell me some reasons why you love spring.

My husband’s birthday is coming up at the end of April which means I’ve got to start planning. I’m also hosting a retirement party for my mom in North Carolina sometime in April. Wait, I just thought about all of the things that are happening in April and it’s kind of busy. Anyway, I’m so in love with smoothies right now, I have at least one, if not two everyday. Addiction? No. Just pure love.

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