Lake Sinclair

July 20, 2017

This year for the 4th of July we decided to meet my sister-in-law and her new husband for a mini getaway. They live back home in North Carolina so we wanted to pick a spot that would be an easy driving distance for us both. We all agreed upon one requirement when looking for a place to visit, it had to be near the water. So I called my trusty friend Google and found a quiet, beautiful lake in west Georgia called Lake Sinclair. It’s a little over 5 hours from Nashville and turned out to be the perfect spot for our weekend.

The goal for the weekend was to relax so Wiley and I decided to take it easy on the drive down to the lake. We packed up the car with all of the water-side essentials, and without forgetting Tootsie, we were off. Chattanooga is about 2 hours south of Nashville so it made the perfect lunch time location. Once we had full tummies, we were back on the road. Our road trip consisted of singing and dancing to music at full volume, long conversations, and listening to food podcasts. We kind of feel like we are pro road trippers. We would rather get in the car and drive than take a plane any day, so entertainment is never an issue.

We knew we were getting close once we made an exit off the highway and didn’t get back on. We drove 45 mph for about 30 minutes passing peach farm after peach farm on one side of the road and rows of perfectly lined pecan trees on the other. Before we knew it, we made it to the lake.

You know what the best thing about escaping to places where there’s nothing else to do but spend time with each other? Exactly that! There’s nothing else to do but spend time with each other! After a late night run to the grocery store to stock up on necessities, there was no reason to leave the house. Mornings were long and full of quiet time, breakfast on the porch and fun conversations. We spent the day on the dock listening to music and catching up on hometown gossip. There were even a couple of eventful trips out on the canoes and kayaks which made for great memories. We decided to challenge each other in a cannonball contest and, sadly, I was not the champion. Callie’s husband Caison walked away with the gold medal for all around perfect technique.

When the sun went behind the trees for the day, we headed up to the house to get cleaned up for dinner. Everything was cooked on the grill and tasted extra delicious. Afterwards Wiley made a fire and we roasted marshmallows and watched the moon reflect in the water.

Our weekend couldn’t have been better and was absolutely needed. There was nothing fancy about it but sometimes, that’s exactly what our bodies need: to go somewhere and just be. I didn’t fix my hair or put on makeup the whole time. I didn’t think about anything else but just being right where I was and that felt so good.

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