Let’s Have a Picnic

August 13, 2016


This summer has been one of my favorite summers that I can remember. There is a certain magic that comes with summer. Although it’s hotter than most people can stand on any given day and 5 seconds after you step outside, you might as well not have taken a shower because the sweat just starts beating down your back. But it’s magical, especially in the south. I can’t speak much for the season in the north but being born and raised on southern ground, you learn to appreciate the heat and embrace it for all its glory.


As each year passes, I appreciate things differently and learn more and more what really matters in life. This year, I have had the utmost appreciation for the land that our food is grown on and the food that is produced during the summer months. The food that has been harvested this summer is nothing short of incredible. The flavors, textures, and beauty are the best I’ve ever seen and it truly is inspiring. Using fresh, local flavors make for the best dishes.


My favorite setting to enjoy these fresh flavors is… can you guess? A picnic! If you know me well, you know that I would take a picnic over going out to eat any day. I just LOVE eating outside, under the sun, on a blanket with my sweet husband and dog. Usually, Wiley and I will pack our picnic basket full of goodies, strap it his bicycle, put Tootsie in my basket and head to the nearest park. There is no reason to skimp on food to be taken on a picnic, you can really take anything. But my favorite dish to take on the adventure is a salad, especially when it’s warm outside. Pair it with a side of fresh fruit, some sparkling water, and a little sweet treat to finish. It’s perfect! This picnic meal is made up of a combination of things that I had in the refrigerator and it all came together so well.


Stay tuned for the recipe for this salad but in the meantime, go out and have a picnic!

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