Nashville Farmer’s Market

August 12, 2016

The Nashville Farmer’s Market is home to farmers, artisans, restauranteurs, shop-owners, crafters, flea merchants, special events and more throughout the year. Since its inception on the town square in the early 1800’s, the Farmers’ Market has been a vital part of Nashville life. Although the market has had several homes, one thing has remained constant; a love of shopping for the best produce, foods, and finds in an exciting community setting. In the mid-1950’s the City moved the Farmers’ Market to a new location just north of Downtown on Jefferson Street. In 1995, the Farmers’ Market was renovated as part of the Bicentennial State Park Mall development. The Market now stretches from Harrison to Jackson Streets on Rosa L. Parks Blvd. and covers 16 acres of urban land. Nashville Farmers’ Market is home to: a daily Farmers’ Market with local farmers, artisans, & merchants; an interior Market House with restaurants, an International Market, Howell’s Farm Store, and various types of merchants during the winter; and a weekend Flea Market with independent entrepreneurs selling a wide variety of items.

I have been a part of many of The Nashville Farmer’s Market’s cooking classes and demonstrations which have always been an import part of what I do. I love to share the joy that can be found in plant-based eating!


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