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December 5, 2015

Life is busy and it seems like time goes by faster and faster each year. It really feels like it was just July and I was sitting on the beach celebrating independence. Now it’s December and we are celebrating the wonderful Christmas season and reflecting on the year.


When life gets busy, we have a tendency to neglect our health and focus on everything else in life. I think it’s human nature because it takes a bit more effort to choose to eat an apple instead of french fries, than it does to decide whether or not we want to buy that cute sweater at the mall. I’m here to tell you that you that you only have one body, two legs, two lungs, and one heart to care for, protect, and keep healthy throughout your lifetime. So taking the right steps to stay healthy cannot be compromised. I’m pretty passionate about this and it really saddens me to walk down the street and see anyone who has neglected their health and let everything else in life get in the way. You just can’t do that!

No matter how much money you have or how successful you feel in life ( and I do praise you for working hard and having determination), you really are nothing without your health. That said, I’ve got several tips on how to maintain excellent health in this whirlwind we call life.

First, never compromise. Don’t think that because the office work party has pasteurized, heat processed, orange juice and donuts that you can have them “just this one time.” There are so many manufactured ingredients in pre-made foods that eating them actually harms you. It doesn’t just make you fat but each time you consume such man-made foods, you are increasing your risk of developing cancer, heart disease and all kinds of harmful sicknesses.

Instead of compromising, think ahead. This is why my go-to, plant based drink of choice, that I most always have with me, is called Amazing Grass. Amazing Grass is a company who takes real, whole foods, dehydrates them (without taking out any nutrients), turns them into a powder form, and just by adding water, provides one of the cleanest, quickest, healthiest ways to get nutrients into your body. They have made it easier than ever to access quick food by providing portioned packets of greens for on-the-go life.

The company also sells bars that provide quick energy and a daily dose of greens. I am a huge fan of the products that they offer and have, honestly, not found another company that can do quite what they can. I would love for you to learn more about Amazing Grass and understand how truly amazing they are. Visit their website at to learn more!

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