Orange Soaked French Toast

February 7, 2018

Every day brings a reason to celebrate, especially days when good food is involved. I celebrated the season of love with a few girlfriends and made this Orange Soaked French toast, that turned out to be a huge hit! I’ll share more about the Valentines Brunch next week but for now let’s talk about french toast.

When Wiley and I were first married (how has seven years gone by so quickly?) this dish was one of the first that I learned to make. We spent most of our nights in the kitchen in our apartment going through cookbooks and re-creating the recipes. He did most of the execution and I did the prep work. I remember one Saturday morning specifically, I was skimming through a cookbook that we had received as a wedding gift and came across a french toast that was soaked in something other than just eggs and cinnamon. I was certainly intrigued so I gathered all of the ingredients and got to work. I remember this breakfast like it was yesterday, it was THAT good!

I had only ever had traditional (southern) french toast prior to this, you know the kind that contains egg, milk, cinnamon that all saturates a piece of texas toast? That kind. I always loved it but never experienced a more elevated version of the dish and to this day remember it as being one of my favorites. So that recipe inspired this dish. I squeeze a whole orange into the batter, sprinkle a dash of cinnamon and maple and let it do it’s thing. I typically use a hearty bread like 9 grain or whole wheat baguette, which I feel like adds great texture.

All of these images are from our fun Valentines Brunch and were taken by Alyssa Joy Photography. We had the best time laughing and talking girl talk and I can’t wait to share the rest of it with you. Check back next week for all the details but for now, enjoy some french toast with your favorite people!

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