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Rosedale- Before Renovations

November 29, 2017

We started a new adventure in September, we bought a house with the intention of renovating it (by ourselves), living in it in the meantime and selling it after a couple of years. We’ve always loved the idea of doing this, so here we are doing it! The house is in the ever-popular neighborhood of East Nashville, just a few minutes from downtown. It was built in the 1960’s and sits on the corner of a cul-de-sac. Most of the neighbors have lived in their houses since the 60’s and are all sweet ladies who keep a close eye on our happenings.


For the first month that we owned the house, we weren’t living it it yet so we were back and forth several times a day making small improvements. The whole house was painted a shiny tan color so we decided to paint everything before we moved in. We chose a soft white for the walls that bounces light so well, I love it! There was a chain link fence around the yard, which we took out within the first few weeks. Since, we have built a 6-foot privacy fence with an automatic gate that leads to the driveway and parking area.

The house will be painted white with dark bronze accents. The interior and exterior doors will all be replaced with an antique craftsman style. We hope to add a front porch, carport, new roof and completely renovate the shed in the backyard for Wiley to use as his studio and work room. The bushes that you see in the pictures have all been removed and I can’t wait to get some new landscaping.

The kitchen is pretty big and of course, I’m most excited about this part. The house didn’t come with any appliances so we purchased some to fit in the space for now but they may have to be changed. We will be taking out all of the cabinets, replacing them with new ones, adding an island with a sink and overhead lighting. On the opposite side (of these pictures) there is a good space for a kitchen table. We will replace the tile on the floor and add new crown molding. Next to the kitchen is a laundry room which we will expand to be a laundry and pantry combination room. We will open up the door way that is between the kitchen and living room to make the space feel larger.

So far, we have loved doing the work and haven’t had many hiccups. Because we are doing the work by ourselves the projects take a bit longer but we’ve had the best time doing them. I will say, the fence (I’ll show you in pictures later) was quite the undertaking, thank goodness it’s done! So this is the little 1,200 square foot space that we are working with. It’s the sweetest little house that we have already fallen for. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions so far or would like to see more specific details. I’ll update you soon!

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  • Reply Betty wilson December 1, 2017 at 7:43 AM

    That is going to be a pretty home and it means so much when you do things yourself !!!!!! Keep us posted and have a great weekend!!!!!

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