Peach Smoothie Bowl with Maple Pecan Granola

May 25, 2016

Well, I think we can all feel it, summer is in the air! Even though the season doesn’t technically start until the end of June, in the south, we claim it early. These are the days when you get in the car and you can’t sit there for two seconds without turning on the air conditioning. Oh, but do I love it! Not to be cliche but let me just list a few of the seasons most charming features: the sun doesn’t set until nearly 9:00pm, lightening bugs flicker and fill the air, all of the swimming pools are overflowing with happy people, beach towels maintain a fresh scent of sunscreen, and best of all, the fresh food is unmatched.


Speaking of the season’s best food, one of the south’s favorite summer treats has made it’s way into our kitchens and we can’t get enough. It’s peach season! Wiley and I have the great pleasure of working alongside our friends Stephen and Jessica who own The Peach Truck (a local peach supplier who supply literally the cream of the crop) this summer and we couldn’t be more excited. These are the best peaches in the country and let’s just say, the recipes will just keep coming.


To start the season off on the right foot, I thought it was only appropriate to make a peach smoothie bowl. You can also find this recipe on The Peach Truck’s website. I can’t wait to see what kind of peachy recipes are in store for this summer.


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