Postpartum Skin

February 21, 2019

You probably know by now that taking care of my skin is a big priority. I’ve always had to put in extra effort to get it to where I want it to be and that hasn’t really changed since having a baby. But when I was pregnant my skin felt the best it ever has. It was well hydrated, didn’t ever get breakouts and felt pretty smooth. I think we can blame it on the “pregnancy glow” (thanks hormones) and the fact that most of my pregnancy was during warm months which is when my skin tends to be at its best.

A few weeks after we came home from delivering our baby, I started to get some breakouts and dry patches on my skin. I definitely felt like I had lost the glow and was feeling a bit dull. I hadn’t really focused on my skincare routine because who has time for that when they have a newborn?! So with increased sleepiness and dull skin I knew I had to do something. For the past few months I had been using a pretty basic face wash and moisturizer but knew I need to amp up my routine. I’ve always thought it was good to switch up your skin care routine so that your face doesn’t get too comfortable with ta certain product, even if it’s just rotating moisturizers every six months.

I decided it was time to return to my favorite skincare line, True Botanicals. The “Clear” line has done WONDERS for my after-baby skin. This is not an add and I have not been paid to tell you that I absolutely love these products. If you’re like me, you know that you don’t ever feel 100% unless you feel good about your skin and this line helped me to do just that. I have been using the Pure Radiance Oil (my all time favorite moisturizer), the Repair Serum, the Resurfacing Moisture Mask, and the Antioxidant Booster. Within 7 days my face went from feeling less than great to wonderful!

My friend, who is a natural skincare expert told me that it’s pretty common for your skin to not be at it’s best after having a baby but I can tell you that these products have helped me tremendously. My advice to any new mom is to figure out what your post-baby issues are and find something that can help because neglecting your skin is no way to go.


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