Potato and Herb Breakfast Hash

August 20, 2016


Currently: it’s 10:00 pm on a Saturday night, I’m sitting on my bed, watching Tootsie sleep, and thinking about how lovely the day has been. We just got back home from traveling on Thursday so we’ve used the past few days to regroup and recharge. Today it rained most of the day, we went to the gym, the grocery store(s) (have I ever mentioned that I will visit at least four grocery stores in a matter of a few days?), and clean up around the house. This is not a regular occurrence around here so it was nice.


So you know how I go to bed thinking about what I will make for breakfast? Well, I find myself with that exact thought right now. And since the inspiration has struck at the right time, I think I will make this breakfast hash. There are days when Wiley wants a heartier breakfast and this dish is perfect for that. As you know, meat and dairy are not included in our diet but now that we have our own chickens and know EXACTLY what they eat, we can eat their eggs. But if you are strictly vegan, you can eliminate the egg and it’s still super tasty. If you buy your eggs, try to buy local and organic. If that is not an option, labels such as organic, free range, and cage free are better bets than not.


Happy breakfast-ing.

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