Purple Superfood Smoothie Bowl

April 16, 2016

Saturday’s are so good for so many reasons and this particular Saturday is good because the sun is shining and I’m sitting here eating a smoothie bowl. I’m going to let you in on a little secret about smoothie bowls. Are you ready? I ALWAYS use frozen bananas in my bowls. Why, you ask? Because creamed, frozen bananas make any and all bowls thick, smooth, and extra creamy! Otherwise, you risk having a watery mess, and no one wants that.




Another little trick about smoothie bowls is, if your blender can’t handle it, you can blend it in the food processor. The blade on the food processor is very capable of breaking down things and some blenders just don’t work as well. Unless you have a high end blender, it might not cream the ingredients thoroughly. There is a warning that goes along with that, it has potential to make a mess! You have to hold the top tightly so that the mixture won’t go everywhere. Believe me, I’ve made plenty of all- over- the- place, even on- the- kitchen- ceiling, messes!

Now that you have a little bit of crucial information, you should also know, you can top these bowls with most anything you like. So, do your thang!


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