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September and Pumpkin Muffins

September 30, 2017

When I take the time to think about it, I feel like I blinked and September nearly vanished. It’s one of my favorite months and I always look forward to it but I have never understood the statement of time flying by as I have this September. On September 4th 2010 Wiley and I married and to me, it’s one of the sweetest days of the year. Every year since we’ve been married, we have planned a trip for our anniversary but this year, the trip was pushed to the side and a new house took the stage.

 You may remember that we purchased this house in late August and our plan is to renovate the home, doing all the work ourselves. As I’m typing this almost a month later, I kind of feel like a different person, in some ways. We have a long list of projects to complete on the house and have given ourselves a 7-month timeline to complete all the tasks. And so the race has started. We moved all of our things out of our old house within the matter of a few days and into a construction zone. It’s a different world when you move dishes into a kitchen that will be the kitchen you use in that home but our kitchen will be completely gutted so the dishes don’t really have a place yet. This is the case for most of the things and most of the rooms in the house so life has been different and in my mind, when I’m being dramatic, it’s been chaotic. The first task: take down the old chain link fence and install a 250 ft. privacy fence. Sounds relatively simple, right? Well I’ve learned, in the few short weeks we have been taking on this do-it-ourselves project that nothing is quite as simple as it seems. Wiley has been working from sun up to sun down on this project but I’m happy to report that it should be complete by the end of this week (hopefully!).

Do you ever feel like everything in life tends to happen at once, kind of like the “when it rains, it pours” thing? Well that’s typically how we do life and are happy about it. We don’t usually follow the straight and narrow path but have a different way of doing things. This September has certainly been a complete life change and for whatever reason, it has taken me some time to wrap my mind around it all. Both Wiley and I are very organized people who make our bed every morning, put the TV remote in the same place each time we are done with it and can’t go to bed at night unless the house is in pristine condition. This hasn’t been the case for several weeks and it kind of stressed me out. I’m learning how to live with life being in a chaotic state and am starting to understand that I can still find peace within it all.

So last week, I went to the grocery store and went actual, grocery shopping for the first time in almost 4 weeks. I hadn’t chopped, sautéed, or baked any food in some time and I wasn’t okay with it. I filled my basket with all of my favorite things and started creating recipes while walking around the store. It was a treat! I went home, filled the new refrigerator with all of the produce I bought and decided to bake these pumpkin muffins. I don’t have the space right now to store all of my ingredients to bake with and create new recipes so this recipe is not one that I made up but is one out of a box. A recipe that I might typically look down on made me feel like me again because I was able to be in the kitchen and although I wasn’t cooking from scratch, I still made something, at home that I could enjoy. It’s a sense of therapy.

So, at the end of September life is different. Change isn’t always easy but I’m so excited about what is coming. We have made house goals, career goals, family goals and leisure goals that are set to be achieved in the midst of life’s changes. And after a few days away from it all, I feel refreshed and ready to make it all happen.

Check back in soon for all the details from our long weekend getaway.

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