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Matcha Latte

Today is the first day of spring and I’m so excited about it. It has been the most perfect first day- 75 degrees, bright sunshine, and a bit of a breeze. I may have told you before but because Wiley and I live in…

March 20, 2017

Black Bean Burgers Featuring Harvest Snaps

Burgers are one of those foods that nearly everyone craves. I would imagine most people don’t crave a good black bean burger as much as they do the meat-filled version but this recipe just might change their minds. It is full of flavor, has great texture…

February 14, 2017

Ultimate Green Smoothie

I have really loved seeing how many people are kick starting their health in 2017. I know so many people who are doing Whole30 and clean eating diets and I think it is great! There are few things better than feeling really really good…

January 27, 2017

Question + Answer feature for Edible Nashville

How did you become plant-based? My food journey has been one that was completely unexpected but has been very beneficial for me and my family. I grew up a being a very picky eater who’s diet mostly consisted of southern cooking including fried chicken,…

January 19, 2017

Vegan Skillet Cornbread

It snowed in Nashville last Friday and if you’ve ever been in the South when a snowflake falls, you know that everything shuts down and everyone scurries to the grocery store to buy bread and milk. I’ve always enjoyed the snow, to a certain…

January 8, 2017

Butternut Squash and Kale Orzo

We had our first frost of the season yesterday morning. It was the definitive cross over from summer-ish/ fall-ish weather to “oh, winter is coming!” The mornings are cool and crisp and lovely. My morning tea never tasted so good as it has the…

November 11, 2016