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Travelog: Rosemary Beach

June 7, 2016



The smell of sunscreen- drenched skin, clean air, and jasmine fills the air. I see smiles on all the faces and while strolling down the sidewalk, hear conversations of plans for dinner, the day’s highlights, and everything in between. The sun is shining just as bright as it can and visitors and residents are filled with the spirit. Rosemary Beach is something special.


Our most recent trip was nothing short of just what we needed: rejuvenation. Growing up on the coast of North Carolina, Wiley and I were spoiled, as we never realized what we had, until we didn’t have it anymore. The first summer that we moved to Nashville, we found ourselves quite bored and landlocked. We had just moved from Wilmington, NC, where my house was just a quick 10 minute bike ride (5 minute car ride) from the shore. We lived in Wilmington during our college years so, we did just what is to be expected: every day after class, we put on our bathing suits, grabbed a towel and headed straight for the beach.




Upon moving to Nashville we didn’t really consider that the ocean would no longer be at our disposal, so our first summer here, we spent trying to find things to do that involved water, in some way.



Thankfully, Florida’s closet beach to us is a short 7 hour car trip away. We spent our recent visit relaxing, planning, and having some of the best conversations we’ve ever had. I think the beach just has a certain way about it. It has a natural instinct to take away troubles and bring out the joys that we should all appreciate in life. You know I love to cook, so instead of eating out every night, we bought the freshest seafood and savored every single bite.


Mornings were long and most days, consisted of a morning trip to the ocean, just to watch it sit in its calmest state. If you aren’t able to take these types of getaways often, I would highly recommend getting one in at least, every season. We all get stressed and allow life to take over, but a few days away does wonders for the heart.




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