Vegan Hot Chocolate

December 20, 2016

I know you have some favorite holiday traditions; I’d love to hear them! Tell me about them in the comments below, it would make me so happy for you to share some of your joyful times with me. Wiley and I are big traditionalists and love making memories that we can recreate over and over again. This year we are breaking tradition and not going home for Christmas but instead my mom is coming to visit us, and we are quite excited. For the record, my husband loves my mom. I know that’s uncommon but he will tell people that she’s not the typical roll-your-eyes-when-she’s-mentioned mother in law. We have a long list of things that we will do while she’s in town that all include holiday cheer.I’m an only child and and when I was younger Christmases were pure magic; And they still are. The week of Christmas, Santa would call me on the phone to ask if I had been a good girl. We would have a short conversation and every time I was in pure shock that he would take the time to call me! Mom and I would make cutout sugar cookies for Santa and leave them on his special plate with a glass of milk, beside that we would leave a plate of carrots for the reindeer. For a few years my dad would even go up on the roof and stomp around pretending to be the reindeer landing. I remember waking up and just giggling because I was so excited. These memories are ones that I will have forever and help to make my idea of Christmas so wonderful. I can’t wait to pass along these traditions to our children and to start new ones that they can pass along.

This time of year is so special and should certainly be cherished. Hot chocolate has always been a tradition in my family. When I was younger, hot chocolate was made one of two ways. The first was mixing the packaged powder with microwaved milk or water. The second was squeezing Hersey’s chocolate syrup into some warm milk. Although these are both methods that I would never consider using again, the smell of hot chocolate always brings a smile to my face. This version of Vegan Hot Chocolate is my very favorite. I don’t like mine very sweet so I don’t have a high sugar content in the recipe but if you like it a bit on the sweeter side, feel free to add a pinch more.

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