Vegan Skillet Cornbread

January 8, 2017

It snowed in Nashville last Friday and if you’ve ever been in the South when a snowflake falls, you know that everything shuts down and everyone scurries to the grocery store to buy bread and milk. I’ve always enjoyed the snow, to a certain extent. I love how beautiful it is and I love playing in it but I don’t love the extreme cold that comes along with it. It was Rosemary and Lavender’s (our chickens) first snow and we were very concerned about them being out in the cold but they seem to be just fine with it. We have a heat lamp to keep them warm and their water thawed. When I’m at home I seem to be checking on them every five minutes because I know that if I had to be outside in this weather, my insides might freeze! Thankfully, God made them capable of handling cold temperatures but on the contrary, our girls are spoiled so they think they have the privilege of coming inside.

Speaking of warming up, whenever I think of comfort food from my childhood cornbread comes to mind and it is the perfect side dish for those winter blues. When I would visit my grandma’s house she would have a pile of fried cornbread laid out on a plate covered with a paper towel to catch some of the left over grease and I remember looking forward to it the most. She would have a special cup in her kitchen cabinet just for me and it would be sitting on the kitchen table beside the cornbread when I arrived.  This version is quite a bit more nutritious than my mom or grandma’s traditional recipe but still just as tasty and comforting. I sure hope you like it! If you do, let me know in the comments section below.

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