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August 6, 2017

Sleep: we have to have it in order to function. But when we get enough of the really good kind, we find ourselves feeling amazing and full of energy. But how do we make sure that we get the right amount of sleep in the busy lives we live? We make it a priority! When you think about the factors that make up a healthy person, what would be your answers? I think a majority of people might leave proper sleep out of the equation. Most might would say you should eat clean, exercise often and take time to enjoy life. This covers the spectrum of physical and mental health but there is still something missing. In order to fuel our bodies to be ultimately productive all day long, we have to give it proper rest in between.

I have three tips to getting the best nights sleep possible, even if you don’t get in the full 8 hours that most people suggest.

  1. Wind down.

In order to not only rest but to achieve deep, refreshing sleep I think we have to create a routine that allows us to be ready for bed. Making an attempt to create a bedtime routine will help your mind to calm down and get ready for rest. Most of us feel like we are going a million miles a minute throughout the day but leaving those thoughts at the edge of the bedroom door will help you to achieve the best night’s sleep. For instance, I try to put on my pajamas about an hour before going to bed and will spend several minutes in the bathroom washing my face, applying a face mask, brushing my teeth and just getting myself ready to sleep. We get ready to leave for the day so we should also get ready for the night at home too. At this time my mind knows that I won’t be able to work anymore, I don’t get on the computer and I try to leave my phone in another room so that I’m just calming my mind. This doesn’t have to be your routine, but attempting to create something similar would be so helpful.

  1. Eliminate bedtime distractions.

This is something I think most people in 2017 can work on, but making an extra effort to take away all distractions while in bed is so crucial. Just think about all the thoughts you have while scrolling through your phone while you lay in bed. These thoughts are causing your mind to stay awake and go into overdrive. Your body isn’t the only thing that’s sleepy, your mind is too. So take away the distractions. Do things that take minimal thought. For you this may be reading a book or talking about your day with your spouse or laying with your eyes closed and praying. Whatever it is, make sure you make it a priority. Yes, you will likely fall asleep after scrolling through your phone for a couple of minutes but will you get the most optimal sleep possible? Probably not.

  1. Create a relaxing environment.

Creating a place that says, “this is relaxing” invites you to have a full night of good rest. On the other hand, if your bedroom has clothes all over the floor or coffee cups piled on the night stand from two days ago then you are setting the tone for chaos. Without you even knowing it, your mind is thinking about those things and will allow you to get preoccupied. Making time to make your bedroom a clean and relaxing space is important for being in a restful space. If you tend to be a messy person, just take 5 minutes out of each evening and tidy up so that when you get tired, you have a space that feels good to sleep in.

I’m no doctor, but I do know what a good night’s sleep feels like and how my day goes when I am well rested. These three things are so important for me to be productive. When I think about being healthy the first question I ask myself is “how can I be the best version of myself?” and being well rested is one of the answers. You feel better, you look better, you perform better and, in turn, you are better after you’ve given your body the rest it deserves.

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