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Watercolor Getaway

May 23, 2019

 You might be thinking that I only vacation at the beach and well, you are kind of right! It’s my most favorite place to spend time and any opportunity I get to go, I’m there. Recently we packed the car with Wiley, myself, baby and my mom and headed to the gulf of Florida. When Wiley and I first visited sildenafil citrate generic we quickly realized it was completely different from the beach where we grew up. It’s white sandy shores and crystal clear waters are certainly not the same as our east coast beach but we love them both for different reasons. 30A is much closer to Nashville so it has become our go-to vacation spot!

We stayed in a little town called Watercolor which is right next to abilify schizophrenia. It’s a quiet little community full of picturesque beach houses, coastal bike trails and friendly faces. The house we stayed in was a two story shot- gun style home that embodied everything there is to love about Watercolor. The design is beautifully thought out and made us feel right at home from the moment we sat our bags on the floor. We woke up to a sun-filled kitchen and as the day went on relaxed on the breezy porches. When I go on vacation, I love staying in a space that inspires me and makes me feel peaceful and this house did just that.

Our days were spent watching Wiley James play in the sand, splash in the water while we ate delicious food and strolled around. One of my favorite things about the sweet little towns along 30A is their walkability. We walked from place to place and made the best memories while doing so.

I think if there is one thing that I love most about vacationing at the beach, it’s the fact that I feel like I have really escaped and I can let go of anything that is holding me back any other day. The sea breeze just takes it away. Taking our family on a vacation like this has always been a dream and this trip will definitely be one for the memory books.

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This should certainly be your next vacation home when you visit 30A!

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