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Wiley James’ birth story

February 7, 2019

Last March we learned that we were expecting a baby. The due date was November 19thand for this day, I looked forward to for nine months. We shopped, we prepped, we were showered, we made a nursery, we were ready. November 19thcame quicker than I imagined. I woke up that morning feeling every emotion under the sun. As I type these words, they are all flooding back into my mind and it’s almost hard to take in.

I remember sitting in the chair in our living room with tears just rolling down my face because this was the day I had waited for. It was finally here. The baby that had been growing in my belly for nine months could possibly make his arrival today and that seemed almost unbelievable. I went about the day as normally as possible. I painted kitchen walls, rearranged the living room, did laundry and tried to keep my mind occupied. We took the afternoon off of house work (remember we were in the midst of kitchen renovations) to celebrate our due date. My mom, Wiley and I went to dinner and strolled around town. We got home around 9:00pm, I walked in the bathroom, bent down to pick something up off the floor and stood up to find a pool of water underneath me. My water broke at 9:42 pm.

I called Wiley and mom into the bathroom and we were all thrilled to know that he was coming! It was time! In Lamaze class, we were taught that we would most likely be in early labor at home for several hours so I was prepared for that. I got in the shower and got myself ready to be checked into the hospital for the next couple of days. When I called the on-call doctor to tell her that my water had broke, she said we should probably go ahead and go to the hospital because it seemed like the baby had already gone to the bathroom (I’ll spare you the details). So around 10:15pm we were headed to the hospital.

We were all smiles and calm. I wasn’t feeling a thing and was confident that this labor was going to be easy peasy (little did I know!). When we arrived at the hospital we went straight to triage where the baby and I were hooked up to monitors to check our progress. Come to find out, my contractions were about two minutes apart but I wasn’t feeling much (except that confidence that soon was given a run for its money). Because the baby had already gone to the bathroom in the womb we were a little “at risk” so they sent us straight to labor and delivery. We had planned to deliver in the birthing center where there is no medication, just you and your support people and all kinds of laboring tools. But to labor and delivery we went.

Within ten minutes of being in the room, contractions came and in a BIG way! Again, we learned in Lamaze class that we would have time to “prepare” for each contraction. I would feel it coming, could breathe as it increased and would be aware of when it was on it’s way down. For me this never happened. As soon as the contractions started they NEVER stopped. I was in active labor for most of the labor. It was about 12:30 am at this time and things were intense, to say the least. I started throwing up with every single contraction, so I basically just stayed in the bathroom for what felt like hours. Wiley was doing his best to help ease the pain but it seemed like nothing would alleviate these contractions.

Every once in a while I had to be hooked up to the monitors to check on the baby’s heart rate which was incredibly difficult. This meant that I had to be still for a whole 20 minutes so the nurse could get an accurate reading. This was torture. Because the contractions weren’t stopping, it was so hard to stay, sit or lay still so Wiley had to hold the monitor on the baby while I moved around (bless his heart). The 20 minutes that felt like 2 hours was finally over and I immediately got in the bath tub. This offered relief for a few minutes, Wiley was confident that I was regaining control and that we could make it to the end. I did forget to mention that I was 4 cm dilated at this point so I felt like I had a lifetime to go. But he and my mom helped encourage me through this part and I was able to breathe, if only for a minute. At this time, I started feeling like I was coming in and out of consciousness. I could hear people talking to me but had no ability to respond and I felt like I was in another world. I remember Wiley saying to me at one point “honey, you haven’t looked at me in two hours”. So needless to say, this was hard. I kept thinking to myself, “How am I going to have this baby? How am I going to push feeling like this?” The pain was so intense that I couldn’t imagine telling my body to push. So I got to the point that I had not prepared for, the point that I didn’t think I would get to but did. I asked for an epidural.

Wiley and mom helped me out of the tub to walk over to the bed, my knees gave out and I felt like I was going to pass out. I was completely exhausted, overwhelmed with pain, felt out of control and ready for it to stop. The anesthesiologist came in, gave me the epidural and within minutes I felt like I could open my eyes and take a breath. The doctor came in and checked me around 7:30 am and said “you are complete and we are ready to push”. Praise the Lord I had made it to the end and this baby was coming SOON.

I pushed for about an hour (let me just tell you when you are laboring, you have no idea how time is passing. Some moments feel like a lifetime and then some feel like a flash). When they told me that it was morning and that we were ready, it was time to have our baby, I had no idea that I had labored through the night, it’s just wild. Because I was feeling much better at this time, I was able to have good conversations, mom and I smiled together because we knew the time was here and Wiley and I were able to have special moments in our last moments before being parents. We cried together, we smiled together and we knew that our world was minutes away from changing forever.

Wiley encouraged me through every single push, he kissed me and told me that I was doing a great job and before I knew it the room was full of people, there was the biggest rush of emotion that I had ever felt in my life, I looked up at my husband as tears gushed out of his eyes and he said “he’s here”, glanced down at my chest and our 7 pound 6 ounce baby was in my arms, finally. We had delivered our baby. Wiley James “Jay” Haithcock arrived at 9:25am the morning after the day he was due. I cried and cried tears of unimaginable joy as the world spun around us but all the while, I felt like time was standing still. We were holding our baby. Doctors and nurses were all scurrying around us doing their job as we tried to comprehend what had just happened.

His delivery was absolutely beautiful. I felt good, I felt in control, I talked, I laughed and at the end I was given the greatest gift. Wiley James made his way into our world just as God had planned and now that it’s behind us, I’m so thankful for every single second of it. He was healthy and we were happy and now we are parents, our parents are grandparents and our world is changed.

“You were prayed about, all planned out”. Wiley James you have given us joy beyond measure. The four years it took to get to this point were all washed away the moment you were in my arms.

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